Welcome to the Neon Beach product guide where you can find all the information you need about fonts, colours and sizes of our LED neon signs. If you are unable to find what you are looking for please visit our Contact Us page.

Standard Information about our LED neon signs

Our single coloured signs come with a dimmer switch to control brightness and power on/off button. Our multi-coloured signs come with a remote control containing one power on/off button and buttons to adjust the colour of your sign. For custom designs the backing of the signs can either be cut to the shape of your sign or left as a whole board. Each sign comes packed with screws, giving you the option of hanging your sign to the wall. If this is not an option for you, we recommend you hang your sign using command strips which you can purchase, we recommend two packs of strips per sign.

Product Font Options

For set designs fonts are pre-determined, however, for custom designs you can choose from a range of 28 fonts displayed below.

Colour Options
All of our LED neon signs, custom or pre-set, come in three colour options.

Full colour
21+ different colours in one sign. Can also display single colours

Single colour
Standard sign: choose one colour from nine options on site.

Multi colour
15+ different colours in one sign, 1 colour shown at a time.
Vibrant light, supplied with a remote control to change the colour and increase or decrease brightness.

Within this we have 9 different standard colours to choose from. Please see our colour swatches below.

Size Options

Please refer to the general size guide below to help with your order, please note this is a rough guide.

Examples of our LED Neon Signs